Watch Our chiroPoint MyoVision Edition Info Video!

Watch our chiroPoint MyoVision Edition Information Video to learn how fun and easy it is to grow your practice today with chiroPoint MyoVision screenings!

Watch this informative video from MyoVision founder and developer David Marcarian! Learn how chiroPoint MyoVision Edition can help you develop solid relationships with your community by buillding your practice through chiroPoint health talks, connecting the information to your nervous system, and how to close each presentation with a MyoVision E-Scan to make a new patient appointment! 

From Mr. Marcarian...."chiroPoint and chiroPoint Myovision Edition co-founder Dr. Patrick Frain is not only a very experienced MyoVision user, with great tips on use in the office, but he has also found a very unique way of developing long-term relationships with the community through health talks, which integrate E-Scan as a means of ending each talk with that specialized, personalized exam the patient can receive immediately on their smartphones….with your contact information embedded in the image. Watch this 20 minute interview with Dr. Frain...."


To get chiroPoint MyoVision Edition for your pracitce, simply click on "Purchase Here" at the top of this page! It will pay for itself after only one or two new patients!

F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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