Why Buy chiroPoint?

The reality is, you don't have the time to create a dozen health talks, make up all the coordinating marketing materials, create attractive flyers, write press releases, create speaker surveys, and design attendee handouts.... So to solve this problem, chiroPoint HAS DONE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! 

As a matter of fact, more than 900 hours of research and design are packed into this easy to use 3 disc set, for a complete FULLY CUSTOMIZABE wellness program you can implement immediately in your practice! chiroPoint allows you to get started as soon as you open the package, to bring new patients into your practice immediately. 

Our doctors using chiroPoint are currently providing Health Talks, Screenings, Wellness Socials, Wellness Workshops, Dinner Talks, and more in their offices and communities nationwide every month! 

You can find chiroPoint presentations given in major national health clubs, vitamin stores, corporations, sports teams, and local businesses of all kinds. And you can grow your practice in this way too, with all the time-consuming work already professionally done for you!

Whether you're in practice for more than 25 years, or just getting started.... whether you're a solo doctor, in a group practice, or an associate.... chiroPoint is for you!

Simply complete the "contact me" form to be scheduled for a FREE webinar to learn more, or simply click on "Purchase Now" and place your order today!

F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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