What's Included?

Here is what is included with your chiroPoint 3 CD set (also available on convenient flash drive).....

chiroPoint is a turn-key New Patient Attraction tool that gives you 12 months of powerpoint presentations on some of the most saught after health and wellness presentations. In addition, you get all the coordinated marketing materials you will need to promote your presentations in your office, community, local businesses, schools, and more. chiroPoint takes the most successful new patient attraction tool, healthcare presentations, to the next level for you..... and its FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!

chiroPoint comes complete with the following tools:

Disc 1 - Complete Spring & Summer Wellness Program (6 Full-Length Powerpoint Presentations)

March - 10 Steps to Better Fitness
April - Posture: The Window to Your Health
May - Living Without Headaches
June - Your Health Is Skin Deep
July - Detoxify Your Life
August - Improving Health Through Nutrition

Disc 2 - Complete Fall & Winter Wellness Program (6 Full-Length Powerpoint Presentations)

September - Natural Solutions for ADD & ADHD
October - Avoiding the Flu Naturally
November - Turning Stress Into Success
December - Natural Back Pain Solutions
January - The 7 Facets of Health
February - Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Disc 3 - Complete Customizable Doctor Marketing CD

chiroPoint Doctor Welcome Letter
chiroPoint Presentation Survey
12 Months of Customizable Open House Press Releases
12 Months of Customizable Presentation Press Releases
12 Months of Customizable Promotional Flyers
12 Months of Customizable Attendee Handouts


"chiroPoint is sure to increase your new patients every month! I would recommend it to any DC wishing to grow their practice!"   ~Dr. Alan Rousso, D.C., Internationally Recognized & Award Winning Chiropractic Coach to Superstar DCs

F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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