One-Time Cost

For a reasonable one-time investment in your practice, you can own the tools you need to grow the practice that you truly deserve....

Unlike many practice growth opportunities that require substantial financial outlay, ongoing monthly fees that total thousands of dollars a year, contracts, and additional purchase requirements to get the full benefit of their program, chiroPoint is completely unique.

chiroPoint is a ONE-TIME purchase. That's it. You own it, and you can use it month after month after month to attract all the new patients you desire. And the best part is, that after getting only 1 or 2 new patients from using it, chiroPoint pays for itself!

What else is out there?

  • When shopping around, the average professionally prepared powerpoint presentations range from about $149 to $225 each. The problem is, however, that they are usually "locked," meaning that you cannot edit or modify them, or add anything custom to them in any way to brand your unique practice. And you don't get any matching marketing materials to go with it. Bottom line is you better love the content of that presentation, because you can't edit it to make it your own.
  • The other options chiropractors have is to spend $29.95 for a powerpoint, and get something so basic and out of date, you mine as well not give the presentation at all. The other risks with these "discount" presentations are you risk copyright infringement for images contained within the presentation, invalid information in the slides, lack of content, plagerism, and inadequate documentation (or citing of sources) for the information you're giving your audience. Remember, you get what you pay for. And it's your reputation on the line.

chiroPoint gives you the professional edge you need when giving a health and wellness presentation in your office or community. It makes you the expert wellness doctor your audience can relate to and trust!

chiroPoint is.....

  • 100% customiz-able. 100% edit-able. 100% brand-able to your practice.
  • Slides are fully researched and sources are cited for immediate reference, if needed.
  • All images are legally able to be used without worry.
  • Packed with tons of content! There is enough information in each presentation to give it as a quick 20 minute "lunch and learn," or make it a 2 hour dinner talk.... the choice is yours.
  • Includes 12 presentations (one for each month) and ALL the completely customizable marketing materials to match that month's topic.
  • Includes professionally written customizable press releases written in accepted Associated Press (AP) format.
  • Includes scripting for effective closing to encourage attendees to make an appointment with you at the time of your talk.
  • Includes customizable speaker surveys that will help open doors to additional speaking engagements for you.
  • Endorsed by expert chiropractic coaches and leaders in our profession.
  • Used by chiropractors in many different types of practices nationwide.
  • Affordable. (There is even a special student and first year DC discount offered.)

Instead of spending $225 on a single powerpoint presentation, and that's all you get, the entire chiroPoint system described above is a ONE-TIME investment of only $1199.

That's like spending only $99 a presentation on the opportunity to attract dozens of new patients into your office each who have already met you, relate to you, and want to make a new patient appointment with you! There is no costly newspaper ad people don't read, or expensive radio spot people won't remember, that can offer the same return on your investment!

And are you a student or a first year DC? Is this the first year you are going out on your own? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chiroPoint wants to congratulate you, and ensure your success even more, by taking an ADDITIONAL $100 OFF, making your investment only $1099. (Please call (920)499-1333 to receive your discount, and mention "student", "first year DC, or "out on my own for the first time.".)

For your convenience we accept credit or debit, VISA, MC, Discover, and American Express. And your product is shipped directly to you immediately upon payment, so you can start growing your practice with chiroPoint right away. Simply call us to place your order. You can call 24/7 and simply leave us a message. We will return your call, process your payment, and ship chiroPoint to you immediately!!

The bottom line is you could make up your own powerpoint presentations. Maybe you've already tried, or don't have the time to finish the ones you started last year? chiroPoint was created by a husband and wife team of successful family chiropractors, who put in more than 900 hours of research and professional design into these 12 presentations for you. When it's fully customizable anyway, isn't it smarter to spend all your time giving the presentations and attracting new patients, instead of staying at work late, or working in your evenings and weekends making them up?

We know the choice is clear, and the doctors who are using our presentations, and who endorse our product agree...."With only 1 or 2 patients you will get using chiroPoint, it pays for itself!"


F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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