What's in each chiroPoint presentation?

chiroPoint includes all 12 of these wellness based powerpoint presentations, each of which are fully customizable, and tie directly back to the body's nervous system and your style of chiropractic practice....

January's Included Topic - "The 7 Facets of Health"

The 7 Facets of Health is one of chiroPoint's most versitile presentations. It is packed with over 60 slides making this presentation ideal for a dinner talk, patient appreciation evening, teaming up with other health care providers in your community, and more. Includes...

  • the definition of health as we as chiropractors know it and the 7 pieces of the health care puzzle
  • Nutritional Health: Covering everything from benefits of eating organic to the dangers of food colorings
  • Mental Health: Addresses the causes of stress and various solutions from affirmations to exercise to goal setting and more
  • Physical Health: Covers the 7 benefits of exercise, heart health, strength training, and more
  • Financial Health: Addresses the causes of financial stress and the effects on the body, as well as tips and solutions to the problem
  • Spiritual Health: Covers the importance in our lives as well as ways to improve and the health benefits it can have
  • Social Health: Addresses the importance in people's lives and the role it plays in subluxations patients can develop
  • Posture Health: This segment of this chiroPoint presentation professionally links your brand of chiropractic to all 6 of the above facets of health and helps your audience see your role as chiropractor as the wellness coach in their life!

February's Included Topic - "Lowering Cholesterol Naturally"

Especially for Heart Health month, but at any time of year, chiroPoint's Lowering Cholesterol Naturally is a perfect presentation to give in your community, or right in your office, to educate people about the connection between the subluxation and the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Features over 60 slides covering the following information:

  • Exposing the cholesterol myth commenly seen in pop culture
  • Education on good vs. bad cholesterol as well as tryglycerides
  • Addresses the "business" of high cholesterol to the medical model
  • Covers cholesterol parameters and who sets them
  • Discusses heart disease, and the medical approach and side effects
  • Opens audiences to natural approaches, tying in chiropractic and subluxation reduction, supplements, diet, and various organic foods
  • As with all chiroPoint powerpoints, the material is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, so you are free to add, change, or modify any content. You can also add your own custom recommendations at any point in the presentation

March's Included Topic - "10 Steps to Better Fitness"

chiroPoint's 10 Steps to Better Fitness can be the perfect health talk for gyms, fitness centers, senior centers, high school athletes, athletic shoe stores and more. Makes the obvious link between chiropractic structure and function throughout the presentation. Includes 40 Slides covering:

  • Pre-Workout Routines
  • Post-Workout Routines
  • Pre-Workout Meals
  • Post-Workout Meals
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Good Nutrition
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Getting Enough Rest
  • Having the Right Shoes
  • Staying Balanced and Well-Adjusted

April's Included Topic - "Posture: The Window to Your Health"

If you are looking to update your spinal health care class, chiroPoint's Posture: The Window to Your Healh is the ideal fresh approach you have been looking for! Nearly 50 slides keep your audience's attention and easily transition from one aspect to the next, on the topic nearly every chiropractor knows the value of! Includes:

  • Good posture from the front and side and information about "good curves"
  • Discusses how posture affects your health positively and negatively in cases
  • Addresses forward head posture and its severity
  • Covers systemic problems in the body that arise when a person has poor posture
  • Provides your audience 12 recommendations over 15 slides to achieve better posture, and how chiropractic plays a vital role in that process
  • Concludes with the 3 components of healthy posture and easily links your audience with the necessity to have their posture evaluated with you.

May's Included Topic - "Living Without Headaches"

Capture the attention of nearly everyone in your town who suffers needlessly with this common, yet debilitating, health condition that you know responds beautifully to your chiropractic care. Now with chiroPoint's Living Without Headaches presentation, share what you do and how you help headache sufferers in your community! Contains nearly 50 slides covering:

  • The 5 most common types of headaches
  • The cause of headaches, with in-depth discussion on the "3 T's" of chemical, muscular, and neurologial imbalances in the body
  • The causes of subluxation and it's role in people suffering with headaches
  • Recommendations for a spinal health check-up addressing the positive results people see with relief from chiropractic care
  • Covers the landmark 2001 Duke University study demonstrating chiropractic care as superior to drug therapy for headaches
  • And more!

June's Included Topic - "Your Health is Skin Deep"

Imagine getting new patients from giving a health talk to hair stylists and beauty salons? Imagine being the expert guest speaker at the next Arbonne or Mary Kay party in your town and making new patient appointments from ladies in attendance? Imagine being promoted at the local tanning salon for your upcoming presentation, and having tanning club members attend your talk to learn how the largest organ of your body affects the nervous system, and how you as a chiropractor keep it healthy? All of this is possible and more, with chiroPoint's Your Health is Skin Deep Presentation! Over 45 slides including:

  • Covers skin facts for your audience
  • Identifies the 3 stresses on the skin
  • Addresses the 9 everyday products that contact our skin
  • Has patient education on sun safety
  • Covers in-depth make-up and shampoo toxins
  • Addresses the consumption of heavy metals
  • Goes over the government regulation of common household products and the toxins they contain
  • Addresses the physical and emotional stresses on our skin
  • Covers how all the above cause subluxations and nerve system disturbances
  • Provides solutions and customizable recommendations including your brand of chiropractic care!

July's Included Topic - "Detoxify Your Life"

One of the hottest topics in chiropractic is "detoxification." But what does that mean to the average lay person? Your community needs you to tell them! To make your job easy, chiroPoint includes this incredible, fully customizable, powerpoint to educate your patients and show them how chiropractic care and detoxification go hand in hand with Detoxify Your Life! 45 slides including:

  • Identifying what detoxification is to your audience
  • Educating attendees on how we get toxic buildup
  • Covers the 11 symptoms of toxicity
  • Addresses the 10 places where toxins are coming from
  • Includes a discussion of GMOs
  • And includes 30 in-depth customizable slides covering the steps a patient needs to take to detoxify, including tying in your type of chiropractic care

August's Included Topic - "Improving Health Through Nutrition"

Looking for an impresssive fully-customizable nutrition talk that you don't need to spend 75 hours creating? You found it! chiroPoint's Improving Health Through Nutrition is one of the premiere chiroPoint presentations you can use to grow your practice... This presentation will keep your audience's attention while allowing you the freedom to brand your office and add your own personal nutrition or supplement recommendations at any points in the presentation you desire! Over 60 slides including:

  • The 10 worst foods to eat (fully customizable)
  • The 10 best foods to eat (fully customizable)
  • The 6 most important supplements everyone should take (fully customizable)
  • The 7 reasons to start eating healthier today
  • Total body health linking great nutrition to chiropractic and your body's function

September's Included Topic - "Natural Solutions for ADD/ADHD"

One of the most saught after presentations audiences want to attend... Natural Solutiions for ADD/ADHD is chiroPoints all-inclusive solution! This presentation has opened doors for chiropractors into schools, parent groups, ADD/ADHD support groups, day care centers, health food stores and more on a topic affecting millions of families nationwide every day. Nearly 45 slides covering:

  • Defining the condition
  • Overdiagnosing and cookie-cutter medical approaches
  • How it's treated medically
  • Common ADD/ADHD drugs and how they work
  • Side effects of ADD/ADHD drugs
  • Natural alternatives to medication including chiropractic care
  • Nutrtion and ADHD
  • Your child's nerve system
  • Chiropractic and ADHD research

October's Included Topic - "Avoiding the Flu Naturally"

Let's face it, the flu is something everyone in your community and in your practice is going to have to deal with at one time or another. So with chiroPoint's Avoiding the Flu Naturally (and what to do if you get it anyway) presentation, become the expert wellness doctor in your town to dispel the myths out there, and educate attendees on natural alternatives to simply getting a flu shot. How many times have you been asked your opinon on the flu shot and should your patients get it? Now this presentation answers those questions and more, and increases new patients coming to your office for adjustments instead. Over 50 slides covering:

  • Flu facts
  • Information about the flu vaccine for adults and kids
  • Your body's immune system
  • 10 great strategies to avoid the flu naturally including getting adjusted
  • Research studies showing the benefits of chiropractic care and WBC production
  • 10 great strategies for how to handle the flu if you get it anyway including tying in your brand of chiropractic care

November's Included Topic - "Turning Stress Into Success"

Whether you're looking to get into a corporation to do monthly health talks and screenings, or the local library has a lunch and learn program people are invited to.....every potential new patient out there has stress. And people are always seeking new ways to manage it, espcially in a natural way.... chiroPoint's Turning Stress Into Success  is a wonderful presentation to give attendees tips and strategies from you, the expert wellness doctor of your town. 60 slides contain enough information to present in a 30 minute health talk, or even do a 2 hour Stress Reduction Seminar and team up with a local yoga studio to present to all their members! Covers:

  • The 3 types of stress and the causes of each
  • In depth coverage of how stress affects our bodies overall, from blood sugar levels to increasing cholesterol, to hormonal imbalances and stress on the nervous system and much more
  • Healthy ways to relax including tying in with chiropractic care
  • 20 effective ways to control stress

December's Included Topic - "Natural Back Pain Solutions"

chiroPoint's Natural Back Pain Solutions is your classic presentation with modern up-to-date information on back pain that many companies want to tie in with their existing ergonomics programs. This is an excellent presentation to tie in with screenings with chiropractic technology, like Myovision, as well. Professionally researched and designed and fully customizable. All the work is done for you with 60 fantastic slides and graphics covering:

  • The rising costs of back pain in the US
  • The causes of back pain
  • Learning how to naturally prevent it, as well as how to naturally resolve it if you get it
  • Effectively establishes chiropractic as a solution
  • Compares the chiropractic approach with medical treatments including slides on physical therapy, steroid injections, prescription and OTC medications, and surgery
  • Explains how your brand of chiropractic works for your patients and the benefits it has



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