chiroPoint MyoVision Edition


chiroPoint is proud to introduce chiroPoint MyoVision Edition in partnership with MyoVision founder and developer, David Marcarian, MA!


Now it's as easy as 1,2,3 to attract multiple new patients month after month with chiroPoint MyoVision Edition!!

Step 1:    Give a chiroPoint presentation on 12 different health and wellness topics each month around your town!

Step 2:    Effortlessly guide your attendees through professional presentations that take them on a journey.... from your wellness topic of the month.... to how they tie in with your brand of chiropractic.... to demonstrating your MyoVision technology at the presentation.... to immediately receiving their MyoVision E-Scan screening results.... to making a new patient appointment with you that evening!

Step 3:    Become the expert wellness doctor for your community, when attendees immediately receive their MyoVision E-Scan screening results on their tablet and smartphone and then share their screening with family, friends, and co-workers! And get invited back the following months to give additional chiroPoint presentations on different topics for their friends and family to attend!

Order your chiroPoint MyoVision Edition today...

and explode your new patient attraction tomorrow!

To order your chiroPoint MyoVision Edition simply call us at (920)499-1333 or order directly through MyoVision at (Available in the MyoVision Store under "Patient Education" and under "Screenings")

F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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