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"It was time to share what we found worked with our chiropractic profession....."

Like most chiropractors, Dr. Susan Frain and I were excited to open our chiropractic office and start serving patients upon our graduation from Palmer. We had diplomas in hand, licenses to hang on the wall, and a passion for educating our new community on how great chiropractic is!

We opened our office in April of 2003 and we were excited to get into local schools, companies, health food stores and gyms, and do health talks and screenings to get all these new patients to fill up our new practice! And guess what? ..... We were sharply disappointed.

Stunned really. Doors were hard to open. Impossible in many cases. Approaching local businesses and companies with a model spine in hand and some business cards was not cutting it. Nearly everyone we called to set up a health talk hung up on us. The few people who did take our calls, asked us what we wanted to come in and talk about. "We would like to tell your employees and customers about the benefits of natural chiropractic care!" ..... Click.

We quickly learned the prejudices the public had about "selling chiropractic." We learned the hard way, that a couple of chiropractors in town, trying to speak to the hair stylists at a local salon, were perceived as salesmen in disguise, and the decision makers saw no value in our wasting their time, talking about what they thought was going to be a sales pitch on becoming new patients.

A few months, or a year into practice, and we knew we needed to be doing something different. Our plan to get into the community and host wellness workshops simply was going nowhere.

So we went to the experts…. our patients.

During adjustments we asked them, "You know how chiropractic has helped you, if you could hear us speak on something in the community, what would you like to hear?" And the answers astonished us. How about “how to tell people they don’t need to live with headaches,” “what they should do to avoid the flu without getting a flu shot,” “stress reduction,” “if there was information on how their kids with ADHD could benefit from something natural, instead of medications,” the lists went on and on….. and chiroPoint was born.

Having received the prestigious “Virgil Strang Philosophy Award” from Palmer, Dr. Susan knew she had the strong chiropractic wellness philosophy needed to get our message clearly to the community, tying chiropractic into topics people were interested in attending. And with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications, with years of hands-on design experience, I knew I could make the chiropractic presentations attractive so people would want to attend them.

The recipe was set and we got to cooking. It wasn’t long before topic after topic was created. The powerpoints became more and more informative, and the designs became more and more attractive. And more and more doors to doing wellness workshops were opening! After years of development, and numerous actual deliveries of our wellness workshops, we had our best 12 presentations set… one for every month on the calendar.

And with topics you’ll find in chiroPoint, the doors did indeed open. Many, many doors actually. More than 50 types of businesses, organizations, community groups and more opened their doors to us month after month. It even launched us into becoming the Official Wellness Doctors for 4 Anytime Fitness locations in our town!

chiroPoint presentations are where we got nearly all our new patients from. And the referrals from those awesome chiroPoint patients became our referral patients.

In 2012, after the sudden cardiac arrest of our then 3-year-old younger daughter, Morgan (pictured above with older sister, Hannah), Dr. Susan and I felt blessed beyond words to have been given a second chance at life with her survival.

Going to work and seeing patients took on a whole new meaning. We were happy in practice and had all this support from all our patients, and it was time to give back and start helping other doctors build their practices the way we did.

So after more than 900 hours of product development, research and design, Dr. Susan and I chose to make chiroPoint available to fellow chiropractors in the profession.

We wanted other doctors to stop spending 60, 70, 90+ hours of their valuable family time, on half-way creating health talks on their own, that they never even wind up doing. And start spending more time GIVING wellness talks in their communities, and growing their practices to be able to spend time with their families instead.

In 2013, Dr. Susan and I were blessed with the opportunity to connect with David Marcarian, founder and developer of MyoVision. After more than 40 hours of conversation over multiple days at a chiropractic expo in Detroit, David also quickly realized the benefits chiroPoint could bring to doing screenings with his MyoVision system.... After all, what a better way to open doors to doing health talks, and closing with a MyoVision screening! It was something we did for years anyway!

So for 2014, chiroPoint officially launched it’s latest release, chiroPoint MyoVision Edition, that you can read about on this website, and purchase on this site or directly through MyoVision.

It’s been a wonderful journey, and one that is continuing to evolve and grow month after month. Since only 2012, chiroPoint has achieved sales nationwide, has been featured at chiropractic state association events and expos all over the country, and has received rave reviews from everyone who has used our presentations and marketing materials to grow their practices. We even won a "Most Outstanding" award from the Florida Chiropractic Association, from over 200 vendor booths in attendance.

Enjoy your tour of our chiroPoint and chiroPoint MyoVision Edition site. We’ve put a decade of work into our product so you don’t have to.

Sincerely In Health, Wellness, and Practice Growth,

Drs. Susan and Patrick Frain, DC


F.C.A. Award Winner - chiroPoint

chiroPoint is an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to have been named named "Most Outstanding" from the Florida Chiropractic Association 2013!


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